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New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2023 | Petrol | 19 991 km
₹ 8 95 000

Swift LXI

New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2022 | Petrol | 60 443 km
₹ 5 50 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 12027 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2022 | CNG | 54 332 km
₹ 5 55 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 12136 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2022 | CNG | 27 469 km
₹ 7 65 000

Celerio VXI

New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2019 | Petrol | 62 600 km
₹ 4 25 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 9293 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2019 | Petrol | 99 605 km
₹ 4 65 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 10168 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2019 | Petrol | 30 662 km
₹ 4 80 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 10496 *

Swift VXI

New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 42 323 km
₹ 5 25 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 11480 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2018 | Petrol | 32 220 km
₹ 8 35 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 18259 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2018 | CNG | 91 000 km
₹ 4 15 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 9074 *


New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2018 | CNG | 56 805 km
₹ 3 75 000

Alto 800 LXI

New Delhi | 8 Kms Away
2017 | Petrol | 57 877 km
₹ 3 25 000
EMI Starts: ₹ 7106 *

Frequently Asked Questions

How to buy a used car in Delhi?

If you are planning to buy a used car in Delhi, you can find a wide range of quality pre-owned cars at Maruti Suzuki True Value where every such car undergoes 376 quality checks. This ensures that you get the best second hand car that you can rely on and the assurance of Maruti Suzuki to go along with it.

How can an old car be used in Delhi?

In Delhi, the registration for petrol and diesel cars is valid till 15 years and 10 years, respectively. If you are planning to buy a used car that is nearing the end of its validity, you will have to get it re-registered in your name. To get the ownership transferred, you will have to submit an application to the Regional Transport Office or RTO. You can always visit your nearest True Value outlet and speak to our experts to get the right guidance in this regard.

What body types are available for second hand cars in Delhi?

At Maruti Suzuki True Value you can explore a wide range of second hand cars in Delhi and other cities in India. Here, you can find different body types from hatchbacks to sedans, SUVs etc. Finding a car that caters to your needs and fits in your budget has now become easier than ever.

How to transfer pre owned car in Delhi?

When you buy a pre owned car in Delhi from Maruti Suzuki True Value, all the documentation, including RC transfer, is taken care of us. Our objective is to ensure that your car-buying experience is convenient and this is a small step in that direction.

How many years a car can be used in Delhi?

It depends on the car you are using. In Delhi, if you have a petrol car then it is valid for 15 years and if it is a diesel one then it can be used for 10 years. After this time limit, your car will have to be re-registered. This period of validity is determined as per assessment by the registering authority.

Purchase Certified Second Hand Cars in Delhi

Have you been searching for top-conditioned, second hand cars in New Delhi? Come visit a Maruti Suzuki True Value showroom near you, and see our real-time inventory of certified pre-owned cars in Delhi to choose from. Maruti Suzuki True Value has over 11 showrooms in New Delhi wherein you can find top quality, well-conditioned used cars for buying.

You can also choose to check out our stock of second hand cars in Delhi via our website, online or through our mobile apps. You can not only check out your favourite pre-owned car; conveniently book a test drive for your favourite used car in Delhi online through the True Value website or app.

All the certified preowned cars that we offer at True Value have been extensively checked for quality purposes before they are put up for sale. With complete customer satisfaction being our motto, we strive to deliver nothing but the best second hands cars in Delhi to our customers.

Buy the Best Used Cars in Delhi At True Value

As a customer-focused brand, Maruti Suzuki True Value aims at making the process of buying used cars in Delhi NCR as simple and hassle-free for our customers as possible. For this purpose, our showrooms have undergone a revamp and we have undertaken a digitally driven approach for selling second-hand cars in Delhi.

We also have a highly intuitive website and mobile apps (Android and iOS) using which our customers can view the real-time inventory of used cars for sale in Delhi and book a test drive. At the same, if you have to exchange your old cars at True Value in Delhi, you can also book car evaluation at home online.

You can also find the nearest Maruti Suzuki True Value from your place of residence using the Showroom Locator. Furthermore, there are inbuilt filters that will help simplify your research to help you find the most suitable used cars in Delhi as per your needs and preferences.

Top Reasons to Buy From Maruti Suzuki True Value

Buying used cars in Delhi has seen an upturn in the last few years, and Maruti Suzuki is pioneering in context of this shift. Here’s more on why Maruti Suzuki True Value is the perfect destination for buying a used car in Delhi:-

Verified Car History

At the time of buying from Maruti Suzuki True Value, car buyers get a detailed history of the pre-owned car they’ve selected which includes number of previous owners, kilometres run, and more. Ensuring transparency is pivotal to the way True Value works when buying and selling second-hand cars in Delhi.

Paperwork is Quick and Convenient

Another aspect of pre-owned car buying that concerns a lot of buyers is the documentation involved. Well, at Maruti Suzuki True Value, we’ll take care of it, ensuring the entire process of buying second hand cars in Delhi is seamless.

Extensive Quality Check

At Maruti Suzuki True Value, second-hand cars for sale in Delhi have to go through 376 quality checks before they are True Value certified and listed for sale. These checks undertaken for second hand cars in Delhi include engine, suspension, frame, body panels, transmission, and more.

Digital Buying Experience

While Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms in New Delhi are well-stocked up with certified pre-owned cars, you can now do the exploring from the comfort of your home or office. Visit the website or download the Maruti Suzuki True Value mobile app. After that, you are all set to go and shortlist the best second-hand cars for sale in Delhi. You can also book yourself a test drive for your preferred pre-owned car via either of these platforms. After that, you can visit the pre-designated showroom and take your test drive.

Experience Convenience & Transparency at Every True Value Showroom

Wide Range of Pre-Owned Cars to Choose From

When you have more choices to assess from, your buying decision is a lot more well-informed. At Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms, you can browse the used cars for sale in Delhi available in stock in the large car display yard to shortlist your options as per your preferences. Other big benefits of buying Maruti Suzuki certified pre-owned cars in Delhi are the 1-year warranty and 3 free services on offer.

Scan the QR code for complete details about second hand cars

Once you get to your nearest True Value showroom, scan the QR code on any pre-owned car with the help of your Maruti Suzuki True Value app. You will get all the details of your preferred car right before you.

Get all the help you need from your Dedicated Relationship Officer

Upon registration, we assign a dedicated relationship officer to our customers across all our showrooms, for attending to the customer’s queries and confusions. The officer takes you through the most relevant old cars at the True Value showroom after recognising your requirements and choices.

They will clear all your doubts and queries, help you with the test drive and also guide you through the documentation procedure, all in a bid to ensure that you have a personalized experience while buying a second hand car from Maruti Suzuki True Value.

Taking care of all your car-buying needs

Transparency is a pillar at Maruti Suzuki True Value. Therefore, what you see on the website or app in terms of the available second hand cars in Delhi is what you will get when you visit the showroom. Furthermore, all your buying needs related to second hand cars in Delhi, like car finance and insurance are also catered to at Maruti Suzuki True Value showrooms, to make your car-buying experience as convenient as possible.

Note – Warranty and Free Services may vary from one certified pre-owned car to another.

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Swift VXI

2012 | Petrol | 14,743 km

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